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Lucky getting "fresh" at Pike Place Market

Lucky is quite the ladies man!

Sound Sleeper


AKA Fireball!

Flying Kiowa Ray

February 15, 1996 - August 26, 2005

Ray-Ray was an amazing therapy dog.

Lift Off

January 19, 2002 to October 25, 2011

A.K.A. Kristy the Kamikaze Kissing Machine

Lucky and Kristy


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In March 2006 Kristy was accepted to the Therapy Dog team at Seattle's Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center. She is now making regular visits with patients there as well as at the Bailey-Boushay House.

Ray and his dad are featured in an article on Therapy Dogs and hospice in the Spring 2005 edition of Interactions Magazine. Click here to read the article.


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